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September Charm of the Month: The Maple Seed Charm

Posted on September 16th, 2014 by American Charm

Charm of the Month - September

Introducing our Charm of the Month: The Maple Seed Charm. This charm represents positive thinking, balance, promise and practicality. It is depicted as a happy tree and is said to bring lifelong success and abundance.

The Maple Seed Charm is the perfect gift to give to a friend starting a new job or a new chapter in life such as marriage or moving to a new city. The Maple Seed is designed like a wing to spiral to the ground and plant a seed. Its design allows it to do so by spinning like a helicopter to long distances so it can reproduce. This charm provides inspiration to those off to new distances, encouraging them to plant their own brand new seed wherever they may be.

The Maple Seed Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $23.00 with this month’s promotion. Shop now!

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