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May Charm of the Month: The Sycamore Leaf Charm

Posted on May 7th, 2014 by American Charm


Presenting our May Charm of the Month: the Sycamore Leaf Charm. This charm represents protection, divinity, eternity, and strength. The sycamore tree has great historical significance in Egypt, symbolizing the great Egyptian Goddesses.  It teaches us to be authentic and to follow our hearts. By doing so, your inner goddess will thrive.

The Sycamore Leaf Charm is a perfect gift for mom to honor her inner goddess. Let her know she inspires you to be the strong individual you are today. The Sycamore Leaf has a sophisticated shape, sure to stand out on any charm bracelet. Below are a few tips for how you and your mom can honor the inner goddess within:

1)      Spend some time in your own thoughts: In order to let your voice be heard, you need to first enable yourself to realize your passions in life. Taking time to think will bring out your authentic self and a loving sense of pride.

2)      Don’t judge others: Judging others causes us to act out of selfishness and creates a roadblock in your personal growth. Respect the choices of others as they travel on their own life path.

3)      Identify your fears and face them: List all your fears and recognize that they do not exist outside of your mind. Whenever you feel fearful, try to free your mind of these thoughts and peace will follow.

The Sycamore Leaf Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $40.00 with this month’s promotion. Checkout code : MAYCHARM. Shop for your Inner Goddess Now!

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