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July Charm of the Month: The Beech Leaf Charm

Posted on July 9th, 2014 by American Charm

Charm of the Month - July

Introducing our charm of the month: the Beech Leaf Charm. This charm represents tolerance, past knowledge and softening criticism. The Beech Leaf tree is full of strength and grace, it teaches us how our words can be used to express our own love or move others to love us.

The Beech Leaf Charm is a perfect gift to give to a lover of literature or a recent graduate. Beech Leaves hold the knowledge of the power of the written word and it is believed that beech tree bark is where the first pages of European literature were written.

This charm reminds us to not discount knowledge, experience and teachings of the past. It encourages us to explore the past and discover lost wisdom.

The Beech Leaf Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $40.00 with this month’s promotion. Checkout code: JULCHARM. Shop now!

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