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5 Tips to Prevent Your Jewelry from Tarnishing

Posted on July 16th, 2014 by American Charm

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Tarnished jewelry is caused by sulfur and other airborne chemicals. It’s significantly less work preventing tarnish than removing it. Storing your jewelry properly will keep it sparkling while avoiding developing a dull, darkened appearance. American Charm wants your bracelets, pendants, earrings, and charms to stay beautiful. Here are 5 ways to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing.

1) Closed Plastic Bags

Store your jewelry in sealed zip-close baggies to prevent the outside airborne chemicals from tarnishing the items. If jewelry is left out in the open, the tarnishing process is way faster.

2) Silver Tarnish Cloth

Silver Tarnish Cloth is available by the yard at fabric stores and can be used to wrap or cover pieces of jewelry. You can cut it to fit inside drawers or compartments of your personal jewelry box.

3) No-Tarnish Strips

Put tarnish strips within your jewelry and change them every two to three months. Remember to change these strips regularly so your jewelry is properly protected.

4) Use chalk

Place pieces of chalk within your jewelry. This method works similar to no-tarnish strips, absorbing airborne substances that cause tarnish. Just like the no-tarnish strips, chalk should be changed every couple of months.

5) Quick Wipe Down

Wipe down your jewelry with a Sunshine cloth or other jewelry cleaning/polishing cloth. By wiping down your jewelry, it will remove anything that settled on the surface while it was being worn. Then store your jewelry in one of the ways recommended above.

American Charm has an assortment of beautiful sterling silver charms to choose from and we want to make sure you keep your jewelry in the best condition possible. Follow our tips to ensure your American Charm jewelry stays as stunning as the day you first bought it. Visit our website for more timeless charms inspired by nature and take $5 off our charm of the month the Beech Leaf Charm using the code JULCHARM. Shop Now!

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