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June Charm of the Month: The Aspen Leaf Charm

Posted on June 9th, 2014 by American Charm


Introducing our charm of the month: the Aspen Leaf Charm. This charm represents victory transformation and vision. The Aspen Leaf gives us the strength to face our fears of the unknown and teaches us that the power of love overcomes all things.

The Aspen Leaf Charm is a perfect gift to give to a recent college grad or a loved one that has recently had a life-changing experience. The charm will serve as a reminder to listen within ourselves to find the small voice of calm when facing the unknown.  The Aspen Leaf whispers a message of peace when the wind passes through the leaves, reminding us to believe in our own abilities and to be comfortable with our own true self.

The Aspen Leaf Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $40.00 with this month’s promotion. Checkout code: JUNCHARM. Shop now!

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