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5 Trends for Fall 2014

Posted on September 22nd, 2014 by American Charm

American Charm wants to gear you up for this upcoming season’s latest trends. Here’s our take on the top Fall trends of 2014.

Menswear with a feminine touch– This season women are borrowing plaid, pinstripe and a more masculine sartorial spin, but these suits also contain a finishing touch of feminism to them, whether it be animal print, black stilettos, or a long necklace with an oak leaf charm pendant.





Edgy elements such as leather paired with dresses and pencil skirts- The pleather craze continues from last season and is expected to trend all the way into fall 2015. Complete this edgy look with Sweetgum Leaf earrings.













Structural Pieces that read “simple” at first glance- For sophisticated fashion lovers that crave elegant style and are tired of crazy fashion will find this trend appealing. Complete your elegant style with the American Charm Seedling Bracelet.











Fall Colors- As brighter colors move off the runway, muted colors will return. Colors such as wine, gray, and caramel will be the return-to-nature hues that will trend into Fall 2015.












New silhouettes that suggest rather than flaunt- Longer skirts that end at mid-calf are fresh and modern as well as flowing pants. Although longer skirts are the latest trend that does not mean short skirts will completely go away.












American Charm jewelry will perfectly accent your fall fashions. Visit our website to find the perfect accessories for the season.

September Charm of the Month: The Maple Seed Charm

Posted on September 16th, 2014 by American Charm

Charm of the Month - September

Introducing our Charm of the Month: The Maple Seed Charm. This charm represents positive thinking, balance, promise and practicality. It is depicted as a happy tree and is said to bring lifelong success and abundance.

The Maple Seed Charm is the perfect gift to give to a friend starting a new job or a new chapter in life such as marriage or moving to a new city. The Maple Seed is designed like a wing to spiral to the ground and plant a seed. Its design allows it to do so by spinning like a helicopter to long distances so it can reproduce. This charm provides inspiration to those off to new distances, encouraging them to plant their own brand new seed wherever they may be.

The Maple Seed Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $23.00 with this month’s promotion. Shop now!

Hot Bridesmaid Trends for Fall 2014

Posted on August 21st, 2014 by American Charm

This season’s bridesmaid trends include sexy back cutouts, fit-and-flare skirts and gauzy overlays. American Charm wants to provide you with this season’s hottest styles so your bridesmaids will stand out.

back cutout

Back Cutout Dresses

This style is a little bit sexy yet still sophisticated and subtle. Choose a dress that has a cutout in the back or with a fresh accent such as a lace keyhole. Choose simply shaped earrings such as the Beech Leaf to accent this stunning look.


Dresses with Belts

Dress up a more casual dress with a fancy belt. Belts are not only great accessories, but they are also very figure flattering. Belts can work on both long and short styles too. Choose a belt that accents your American Charm bracelet, making your chosen charms stand out on your wrist.



Fit-and-Flare Dress Silhouettes

Bridesmaid dresses made in flowy fabrics are typically the norm, but some designers have created dresses with a more profound fit-and-flare shape. Adding a pendant to this fit-and-flare dress such as the Aspen Leaf & Seed Charm will give the dress some extra sparkle.


gauzy overlays

Gauzy Overlays

Choose a sheer fabric and overlay it with a softer color for a romantic floor-length style. Make your bridesmaids look bold by adding Oak Leaf earrings to the look, their pointy shape will contrast well against the softer look of the dress.


gunmetal gray

Color of the Season

Gunmetal gray is a hot color this season for bridesmaids. The industrial-inspired gray hue will have a softer side if paired with fabrics such as chiffon, tulle and lace. Add sterling silver jewelry such as the Seedling Bracelet will give some extra sparkle to each of your bridesmaids’ gray dresses.


one shoulder

The One-Shoulder Dress

A huge trend in bridesmaid dress fashion is asymmetric shoulders with updates like twisted fabric, lace illusions and cutouts. Balance out the dress by having your bridesmaids wear their American Charm bracelets on the opposite arm, showing off their favorite charms.


skinny straps

Skinny Straps

Whether crisscrossed or haltered, the hot ready-to-wear fashion for bridesmaid dresses includes “barely there” spaghetti straps. The super-skinny straps would look perfect matched with a long chain pendant such as the Sweetgum Leaf & Seed Charm.

Your bridesmaids are sure to look stunning in the latest Fall fashion trends, especially paired with American Charm jewelry. It’s the perfect season to have your bridesmaids show off their nature inspired charms, making memories that will last a lifetime. Visit our website to find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids.

August Charm of the Month: The Acorn Charm

Posted on August 7th, 2014 by American Charm

Charm of the Month - August

Presenting our August Charm of the Month: The Acorn Charm. It represents strength, power, and the patience needed to attain goals over long periods of time. The Acorn only appears on fully mature oak trees, resembling perseverance and hard work.

Our acorn charm is the perfect gift for your favorite teacher during teacher appreciation month. Teachers work hard to help you succeed and master your goals, so award them with this special charm for their patience.

Here are 5 reasons why you should appreciate your teachers or your children’s teachers:

1)      They are role models

2)      They care about your success

3)      Teachers are empowering

4)      Teachers challenge you to learn

5)      They inspire and develop passions

This charm encourages us to work hard and mature into the leaders we were born to be.

The Acorn Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $24.00 with this month’s promotion. Checkout code: AUGCHARM. Shop now! 

5 Tips to Prevent Your Jewelry from Tarnishing

Posted on July 16th, 2014 by American Charm

2014-05-03 14

Tarnished jewelry is caused by sulfur and other airborne chemicals. It’s significantly less work preventing tarnish than removing it. Storing your jewelry properly will keep it sparkling while avoiding developing a dull, darkened appearance. American Charm wants your bracelets, pendants, earrings, and charms to stay beautiful. Here are 5 ways to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing.

1) Closed Plastic Bags

Store your jewelry in sealed zip-close baggies to prevent the outside airborne chemicals from tarnishing the items. If jewelry is left out in the open, the tarnishing process is way faster.

2) Silver Tarnish Cloth

Silver Tarnish Cloth is available by the yard at fabric stores and can be used to wrap or cover pieces of jewelry. You can cut it to fit inside drawers or compartments of your personal jewelry box.

3) No-Tarnish Strips

Put tarnish strips within your jewelry and change them every two to three months. Remember to change these strips regularly so your jewelry is properly protected.

4) Use chalk

Place pieces of chalk within your jewelry. This method works similar to no-tarnish strips, absorbing airborne substances that cause tarnish. Just like the no-tarnish strips, chalk should be changed every couple of months.

5) Quick Wipe Down

Wipe down your jewelry with a Sunshine cloth or other jewelry cleaning/polishing cloth. By wiping down your jewelry, it will remove anything that settled on the surface while it was being worn. Then store your jewelry in one of the ways recommended above.

American Charm has an assortment of beautiful sterling silver charms to choose from and we want to make sure you keep your jewelry in the best condition possible. Follow our tips to ensure your American Charm jewelry stays as stunning as the day you first bought it. Visit our website for more timeless charms inspired by nature and take $5 off our charm of the month the Beech Leaf Charm using the code JULCHARM. Shop Now!

July Charm of the Month: The Beech Leaf Charm

Posted on July 9th, 2014 by American Charm

Charm of the Month - July

Introducing our charm of the month: the Beech Leaf Charm. This charm represents tolerance, past knowledge and softening criticism. The Beech Leaf tree is full of strength and grace, it teaches us how our words can be used to express our own love or move others to love us.

The Beech Leaf Charm is a perfect gift to give to a lover of literature or a recent graduate. Beech Leaves hold the knowledge of the power of the written word and it is believed that beech tree bark is where the first pages of European literature were written.

This charm reminds us to not discount knowledge, experience and teachings of the past. It encourages us to explore the past and discover lost wisdom.

The Beech Leaf Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $40.00 with this month’s promotion. Checkout code: JULCHARM. Shop now!

How to prepare for your Autumn Wedding

Posted on June 18th, 2014 by American Charm

As the leaves begin to change and the vibrant colors start to emerge there is no better time for an autumn wedding. Let your creativity shine as you prepare for the most unforgettable day of your life during a season full of colorful nature.

Although it may seem like an overwhelming time, here are a couple tips from American Charm to help you plan your dream autumn wedding:

Stunning Hairstyles

In the spirit of fall, American Charm carries an assortment of earrings resembling the variety of leaves seen throughout the season. Not only do they look sophisticated, but they also add a playful addition to your already stunning look. Try a pulled-back updo with cascading curls. Pair the oak leaf earrings with that exquisite up do worthy of turning heads.

wedding hair

Beautiful Fall Bouquets

As you walk down the aisle, bouquet in hand, how charming would it be if there was a dangling pendant on the ribbon around the flowers? Add that extra sparkle to individualize your grand entrance with your choice of charms and pendants. For a vibrant pop of color, pick flowers such as a red or orange that will contrast against the light fabric of your gown. Your American Charm bracelet will beautifully accent your gown, making your wedding uniquely you!


Timeless Gifts

If you want to do something special for your bridesmaids, why not surprise them with matching American Charm bracelets? – what better way to show your girlfriends how much you truly care about them and treasure their friendship. The bracelets can be personalized with individual charms and at the same time complete the look of those sophisticated bridesmaid dresses you so thoroughly picked out. It’s a timeless gift that they will cherish for many years to come.


Your wedding will be a day that you will never forget so why not make the process leading up to it enjoyable and charming!

American Charm has an assortment of leaf and seed charms for you to choose from for your special day. Take $5 off our June Charm of the Month the Aspen Leaf using code JUNCHARM. Shop Today!

June Charm of the Month: The Aspen Leaf Charm

Posted on June 9th, 2014 by American Charm


Introducing our charm of the month: the Aspen Leaf Charm. This charm represents victory transformation and vision. The Aspen Leaf gives us the strength to face our fears of the unknown and teaches us that the power of love overcomes all things.

The Aspen Leaf Charm is a perfect gift to give to a recent college grad or a loved one that has recently had a life-changing experience. The charm will serve as a reminder to listen within ourselves to find the small voice of calm when facing the unknown.  The Aspen Leaf whispers a message of peace when the wind passes through the leaves, reminding us to believe in our own abilities and to be comfortable with our own true self.

The Aspen Leaf Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $40.00 with this month’s promotion. Checkout code: JUNCHARM. Shop now!

Top 10 Hiking trails in the US

Posted on May 14th, 2014 by American Charm

Cathedral_Lake_pond - Ponds near Cathedral Lake, Yosemite - Palustrine wetland in Yosemite National Park.

Exploring the beauty of Mother Nature firsthand is a desire a majority of us have. Instead of using your car to explore the world, try going for a hike. You can learn a lot about yourself while on a hike and also explore your surroundings without modern day distractions. Here are 10 of the best hiking spots the United States has to offer, for novice and experienced hikers.

10)   Pacific Crest Trail

This massive hike spans through a large span of the western United States, covering 2,650 miles. This hike will allow you to see three states seven national parks, 24 national forests and more than 1,000 lakes. The PCT is a popular trail choice for urban weekend adventurers. Depending on where you decide to hike, you’ll find various trees, such as the oak tree in California. The beauty of these Californian trees is what inspired us to create an oak leaf charm for our collection.


9)      Appalachian Trail

This trail is similar to the Pacific West Coast Trail, but instead covers the east coast states from Georgia to Maine, as well as 12 other states. The Appalachian Trail is the longest marked trail in the United States at 2,178 miles. A tip for if you’re interested in a thru-hike, plan on mailing care packages with food and supplies to places you’ll be stopping at along the way. The maple tree is found along this trail. In the fall, the bright red color is one of the biggest draws in New England. You can take home the beautiful maple leaf as a charm from our North American collection.


8) Grand Canyon National Park

In the United States, the Grand Canyon is the jewel of national parks. Over 5 million people a year pass through the gates to gaze upon the breathtaking views and vistas. There are 15 official trails leading into to the canyon. If you enjoy solitude, try hiking the North Rim, this trail receives only 10 percent of visitors compared to the more familiar South Rim. There are approximately 200 species of trees and shrubs in Grand Canyon National Park, one of them being the quaking aspen. Our aspen leaf charm found in our North American Collection was inspired by these beautiful trees. Explore the Grand Canyon National Park and take home the Aspen Leaf charm as a fond memory of your hike.


7) Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite National Park, located in California, is roughly the same size as the state of Rhode Island. It has spectacular views and more than 3.5 million people visit the park each year. There are over 800 miles of hiking trails to choose from so you’re sure to have a fulfilling experience no matter which one you choose. Yosemite Park contains some of the healthiest whitebark pine populations. This National Park also contains black oak trees that are recognized as a cultural and scenic resource. The acorns were used as part of American Indian diets and continue to be important parts of diets for various animals. Take home our acorn charm as a reminder of the beauty of Yosemite National Park.


6) Glacier National Park

Known for its impressive mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and wildlife, Montana’s Glacier National Park is an excellent hiking spot. The park’s name comes from the huge glaciers that helped shape the park’s rock formations 10,000 years ago. Because of climate change, only 26 of the previous 150 glaciers remain and are expected to be gone by 2020. By mid-June, you can hike the lower elevations, but you’ll have to wait till mid-July for snow to melt in higher elevations.


5) John Muir Trail

Named after legendary naturalist and founder of the conservation organization, the John Muir Trail is located in Yosemite. After its construction resulted a 211-mile Crest-Parallel trail, which means most of the trail lies in high elevation. Hikers that brave through this trail in the Sierra Mountains are treated to gorgeous views of mountain lakes, canyons, granite cliffs, and peaks as high as 14,000 feet. The hiking trail for this season generally runs from June to September due to the snow in upper elevations. This trail is known for its black oaks, which our oak leaf charm resembles.


4) Zion National Park

Zion National Park offers some of the most beautiful cliffs and canyons the dessert as to offer. You’ll be sure to see a diverse ecology on your hike, whether you stay on the top rims or delve into the canyons. Just from taking an easy day hike, you can view the waterfalls, high sandstone canyon walls or the valley of the Virgin River.


3) Arches National Park

If you are a fan of desert hiking or biking, Arches National Park in Moab, Utah is a place you should definitely visit. With red rocks and over 2,000 precarious sandstone arches, there’s no better way to witness them then to walk amongst them. There are trails perfect for novice hikers to get out and explore, while there are also trickier trails for the more experienced, meaning steep and rocky trails.


2) Mount Whitney

If you want to get the peak experience of the tallest mountain peak in the lower 48, you’re going to have to make the 22-mile round-trip kike on its 100-year-old trail to the summit. Mount Whitney is for serious and experienced hikers. Standing at 14,497 feet, you’ll have to navigate through 97 switchbacks and slick boulders, traverse river crossings, and through a snowfield before reaching the summit. When you finally get to the top, you can enjoy its unparalleled 360 degree views.


1)      Denali National Park

Denali National Park located in Alaska has some of the best rugged and untamed country in the United States. Unlike most national parks, Denali does not contain well-marked, cut trails. The hike is through true backcountry, which means you will be forging your own path. This hike is not recommended for novice or weekend hikers due to the rough nature of the hike and the possibility of encountering dangerous wildlife. For the experienced hiker, Denali is a great challenge that will take you on the experience of a lifetime. The Alaskan Birch is one of the many trees you will see while hiking through the rugged countryside. Take home the birch leaf charm as a memory of you backcountry hike. It will remind you of the tall Alaskan birch trees you saw on your travels.

May Charm of the Month: The Sycamore Leaf Charm

Posted on May 7th, 2014 by American Charm


Presenting our May Charm of the Month: the Sycamore Leaf Charm. This charm represents protection, divinity, eternity, and strength. The sycamore tree has great historical significance in Egypt, symbolizing the great Egyptian Goddesses.  It teaches us to be authentic and to follow our hearts. By doing so, your inner goddess will thrive.

The Sycamore Leaf Charm is a perfect gift for mom to honor her inner goddess. Let her know she inspires you to be the strong individual you are today. The Sycamore Leaf has a sophisticated shape, sure to stand out on any charm bracelet. Below are a few tips for how you and your mom can honor the inner goddess within:

1)      Spend some time in your own thoughts: In order to let your voice be heard, you need to first enable yourself to realize your passions in life. Taking time to think will bring out your authentic self and a loving sense of pride.

2)      Don’t judge others: Judging others causes us to act out of selfishness and creates a roadblock in your personal growth. Respect the choices of others as they travel on their own life path.

3)      Identify your fears and face them: List all your fears and recognize that they do not exist outside of your mind. Whenever you feel fearful, try to free your mind of these thoughts and peace will follow.

The Sycamore Leaf Charm is available in Sterling Silver and is $40.00 with this month’s promotion. Checkout code : MAYCHARM. Shop for your Inner Goddess Now!